Surface refurbishment

Low-thickness dehumidification

One of the most recurrent problems when refurbishing homes is the deterioration of plasters and walls caused by dampness. Several factors can lead to these problems, including capillary rising damp and inadequate waterproofing of perimeter walls and pavements. The normal procedure requires the full demolition of the plasters and the high-build laying of materials, though in most cases this type of solution is too invasive because the problem only affects the surface, while the underlying supports are intact and well-preserved. Risano Dry can be used for completing a low-thickness dehumidification cycle: a mere 5 mm are sufficient, and only the surface of the support needs to be removed.


Dehumidifying skim coat applicable at low thickness for solving problems relating to rising damp.

A highly-breathable white dehumidifying skim coat suitable for refurbishing the superficial part of plasters deteriorated by dampness.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.


A finishing skim coat for dehumidifying or refurbishment plasters that are specifically designed for the Risano Dry system.

A white finishing skim coat for skim coating surfaces refurbished with Risano Dry.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.


A water-based masking base coat with "fine mortar effect" for RISANO dehumidifying cycles. Equipped with GLASSCELL technology.

RISANO MASK is a water-based single-component masking base coat with “”fine mortar effect”” to be used before applying breathable paints on dehumidifying skim coats and plasters of the RISANO range. The product is equipped with the “”GLASSCELL”” technology, providing a high permeability to water vapour that is perfectly compatible with dehumidifying operations.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 0.32–0.36 kg/m2.