Surface refurbishment

High-build dehumidification with a single coat and demolition of the plaster

Where rising damp is present or in underground environments, and whenever there are heavy saline concentrations (seaside and lake areas), the most appropriate solution is to use refurbishment plaster.
Risano Light (dehumidifying plaster) and Risano Light Finitura (finishing skim coat) are ideal for creating a refurbishment system providing extremely high performances. Risano Light is a macro-porous dehumidifying plaster with the distinctive function of transferring the dampness from the wall to its own mass, so that any salts present in the rising water can deposit within the product’s characteristic macro-pores. The dehumidifying action, therefore, is exerted by favouring the diffusion of dampness – present in the wall – to the outside environment, in the form of water vapour, while the soluble salts are simultaneously trapped within the pores of the plaster itself.


A single-coat lightened dehumidifying plaster.

RISANO LIGHT is a pre-mixed dehumidifying plaster in powder form, formulated with natural hydraulic binders. The product features a high dimensional stability, while also being lightened and fibre-reinforced, and is perfectly compatible with mineral finishes formulated with lime or silicates. The product does not require the use of any other primer or anti-salt scratch coat and exerts the distinctive action of transferring the dampness from the wall to its own mass, so that any salts present can deposit within the product’s characteristic macro-pores.

CONSUMPTION: 10 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.


Finishing skim coat for dehumidifying plasters, specially designed for RISANO LIGHT.

RISANO LIGHT FINITURA is a white product designed for skim coating surfaces refurbished with dehumidifying plasters such as RISANO LIGHT, made up of aerial and hydraulic binders, siliceous aggregates and special additives and resins which make the product highly breathable.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 0.32–0.36 kg/m2.


A water-based masking base coat with "fine mortar effect" for RISANO dehumidifying cycles. Equipped with GLASSCELL technology.

RISANO MASK is a water-based single-component masking base coat with “”fine mortar effect”” to be used before applying breathable paints on dehumidifying skim coats and plasters of the RISANO range. The product is equipped with the “”GLASSCELL”” technology, providing a high permeability to water vapour that is perfectly compatible with dehumidifying operations.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 0.32–0.36 kg/m2.