Concrete repair

“Concrete repair is a very important operation. That is because, despite a common misconception rooted in the past, reinforced concrete is subject to deterioration just like any other building surface.
The main causes are related to inappropriate wrapping and environmental factors.

More specifically, the main cause of concrete deterioration is carbonatation.
Carbon dioxide – and other aggressive agents present in the atmosphere – penetrate materials and lower their pH, thus reducing the protection of the reinforcing bars which inevitably oxidise as a result. Rust forms and, consequently, the bars increase in volume causing the concrete covers to inevitably break, resulting in visible detachments.

The range of Phoenix products for repairing concrete are designed to solve the refurbishing needs of reinforced concrete surfaces in an effective and lasting manner.”


Passivating slurry for reinforcing bars.

FERROSAN is a single-component powder product that, with the sole addition of clean water, creates a brushable mixture for protecting reinforcing bars against corrosion and for creating an adhesive bridge between RESTO CRETE repair mortars and the concrete to be repaired.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 1.75 kg/m2 per mm of thickness. The consumption therefore amounts to roughly 0.12–0.2 kg/lm for 10 mm reinforcing bars.


Thixotropic fibre-reinforced anti-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete.

RESTO CRETE F is a fibre-reinforced mortar with compensated shrinkage that creates a thixotropic mixture suitable for repairing and reconstructing missing parts of deteriorated concrete objects. It can be used to create a high thickness with a single coat. Once cured, the mortar provides a considerable resistance to weathering and an excellent mechanical resistance.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 19 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.


A quick-setting thixotropic anti-shrinkage mortar for concrete repair that becomes operational after one hour.

RESTO FIX is a ready-made pre-mixed and quick-setting mortar with an extremely high load capacity and resistance to weathering. When mixed with clean water, the product creates a mixture that sets within 20 minutes and reaches a high degree of resistance within one hour after application.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 21 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.


Anti-carbonatation skim coat for concrete.

RASO CRETE is a grey anti-carbonatation skim coat for concrete made up of cements, selected aggregates and specific additives which make it ideal for protecting concrete surfaces and finishing objects repaired with RESTO CRETE F and RESTO FIX. The final thickness that can be achieved ranges from 1 to 10 mm.

CONSUMPTION: roughly 1.6 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.


Solvent-based water-repellent, stain-proofing and anti-fouling protective agent for exposed concrete and building surfaces.

It is a highly fluid and colourless solvent-based single-component fluorinated polymer. Ready-to-use, when applied to a concrete surface or other absorbent building materials, it penetrates and dries very quickly. Once dry, it protects the object and prevents water from penetrating it, while allowing water vapour to escape. DRYSIL FLUORO provides a far greater resistance to UV rays than normal siloxane products which, along with its ability to prevent dirt from clinging to the surface once treated, makes it an absolutely premium product among the invisible protective agents available on the market.


  • On prefabricated concrete: 0.10–0.15 l/m2.
  • On concrete cast on-site: 0.15–0.20 l/m2.
  • On stone materials: 0.10–0.20 depending on the type.
  • On plasters: 0.20–0.40 l/m2.


A liquid adhesive for RESTOCRETE systems

RESTOCRETE PRIMER ECO systems, it is an aqueous dispersion of elastomeric polymers with high molecular weight which, when added to cement-based systems in general, significantly improves their gripping properties on “difficult” surfaces.

CONSUMPTION: The average consumption is 0.3 l/m2.