Surfaces for architecture
Creativity, design and innovation in a single system.

DEKORA is a new, quick and easy option for furnishing your home. DEKORA makes designing and modifying floors and walls with unique, custom effects and colours a snap!

DEKORA can be used on a wide range of surfaces, both new and old, horizontal and vertical, and even over tiles.
In the end as last coating Dekora Top Coat gives depth to the Dekora cycle, for a striking end product.

Dekora : perfect for all the rooms in the house

Perfect on both new and old surfaces

Hygienic, scratch and stain proof



Phoenix , through Dekora Microcemento, makes furnishing your home a snap! Using Dekora you can easily cover walls and floors with unique and custom effects.

Nowadays Dekora shows all its essence with Materika; scratches, touches of spatula, harmonious movements and creativity bring to life materic effects, new sensations for making your home even more unique.

Materika is available in the following versions:


Dekora microcemento takes its place in the world of decorative effects with Cromatika. Gold, silver, bronze… a mix of shades that gives more depth and value to surfaces.

Cromatika is available in the following versions: