Nowadays the restauration of floors and walls is a market’s section with a high competition, since it’s really easy to find buildings, both private and public, that have problems with deterioration and humidity on the walls, due to an inadequate thermic insulation.Both walls and floors need to be retreated to satisfy today’s demand.

For each of us our own home represent something important and we want it to be comfortable, healthy and well-built so that it can be durable and resistant in time.

PHOENIX, thanks to a 20 years experience, offers all kind of solutions, products, technologies, application systems and cycles able to solve restoration problems which affect this precious commodity, Our Home.

For this reason it was born the project “Healthy Home”, in which the Company commits itself to take care of all the steps, from research and development to production, from technical assistance to sellers, so that a simple house becomes “A Healthy Home, Yours”.

Last-born in PHOENIX is the line Dekora, a new opportunity for all those who want to cover and furnish their home, Dekora, “a Beautiful Home, Yours”.